Our New and Improved Resource Center

September 19, 2016

ORC now has a dining area and newly-renovated guest rooms made of light, local materials compatible to the coastal environment. Also, recently installed is our rainwater catchment—very useful in a place like ours that experiences rainy weather half of the year.

In addition, we now have access to a multi-purpose shredder that allows us to use organic debris like fallen leaves and branches for soil-making and organic gardening. Starting November the shredder will be made available to our barangay at least once a month. It’s a great way to demonstrate the value of organic material and proper solid waste management to our community.

Our Resource Center has also received a 2nd-hand two-seater kayak given by a generous private individual who also donated snorkeling sets that have been used by our trainees and guests for exploring our house reefs.


These site improvement and addition to our equipment all come from the donations and contributions of individuals---friends, supporters and colleagues who care about us and believe in the cause for conservation.

We are truly grateful!