Conservation and Research

We bring science to people and empower them to use it.


We can only protect what we understand. ORC gives stakeholders the tools to make informed decisions and actions about their environment.

Research and Data Gathering


Coastal Resource Assessments 

With our resident marine biologist and an internationally-trained diving team,

ORC conducts underwater assessments that provide marine resource managers

with the information they need to do their jobs.


ORC biophysical surveys include:

  • Coral health assessment

  • Reef fish and invertebrates density assessment

  • Zoning assessment

  • Tourism potential assessment

  • Fish catch monitoring


Social Resource Assessments of Coastal Municipalities and Barangays

In addition to our research diving program, ORC collects and analyzes sociological data on the local communities at the heart of marine resource use in the Philippines.


ORC social surveys include:

  • Knowledge, Attitude and Practices (KAP) survey of local communities

  • Impact Assessment of MPA Management and other programs

Ocean-Action Resource Center

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Research Presentation and Interpretation, Workshops  and IEC for  Various Stakeholders


Empowering Decision-Makers and Stakeholders with Relevant Information

A report on a desk is not enough. ORC makes sure that people get the time and explanation they need to make sense of the facts; we pledge creative energy to  interactive presentations, workshops, and outdoor activities  to make data come alive for the stakeholders they affect.


Ocean-Action Resource Center



ORC workshops for decision-makers in the government:


  • Protecting Vulnerable Coastal Communities through Natural Barriers: A workshop for the Municipal Disaster Risk Management Council

  • MPA Workshop for Barangay Leaders  and MPA Wardens(including guided snorkeling)

  • Status of Your MPAs and Their Effects to the Communities

  • Discover Scuba Diving and Ecotourism 101 for Local Officials and Conservation Managers

  • Developing Socio-economic Resiliency in Vulnerable Communities through Community-managed Savings and Credit Association (ComSCA):  The Balikat-ORC Experience


ORC worshops for various stakeholders:


  • Climate Change: What It Really is and Why It Matters to You

  • The Logic behind Conservation:  Making Sense of Basic Ecological Principles

  • Snorkeling and Exploration of Beach Forest and Intertidal Zones for Kids and Adults

  • Ridge-to-Reef: Why Forests and Oceans are One

  • Conservation CONNECT Series:  Conservation and DRRM, Conservation and Your Home, Conservation and Corporate Social Responsibility, Conservation and Your Health, Conservation and Tourism

  • Youth in Ocean-action: The Role of Youth in Local Conservation

  • Teachers in Ocean-action:  The Role of Teachers in Local Conservation

  • MPA for Teachers and Facilitators:  A Fun Activity Guide that Illustrates the Science behind MPAs

  • Outdoor Camping and Nature Exposure for Schools (Silago and Hinunangan, So. Leyte as field sites)

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Trainings and Capacity Building


Multi-stakeholder, Holistic Response to Conservation

In addition to providing relevant science-based information, ORC also enhances skills and connects people to resources and expertise through trainings tailored to their needs and situation.




ORC trainings include:

  • Seaweed Farming for People’s Organizations (POs)

  • Snorkeling and Conservation 101 for Snorkeling Guides, MPA Wardens and Community Environment Managers

  • Capacity Building Series for Youth:  Introduction to Research and Writing, Community Organizing and Development for Students, Marine Conservation and Education,  Leadership, Personal Vision and Mission Setting

  • Capacity Building Series for Teachers:  Facilitating, Presenting and Writing Skills Development, Marine Conservation and Education, Leadership, Personal Vision and Mission Setting

  • Capacity Building Series for People’s Organizations (POs) and Civil Society Organizations (CSOs):  Proposal Writing, Community Organization and Development, Introduction to Financial Literacy through CoMSCA, Integrating Conservation In Community Programs, Leadership, Vision and Mission Setting

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