Education and Outreach

 We make ocean science fun and easy to learn and teach.


We train teachers and facilitators to make ocean science exciting and relevant to their students and trainees.  We also show young people about their local marine life, why it is important and how to take care of it.



EDEGE Coral Camp  is an after-school program (weekend class) for elementary students to improve their proficiency in Science, Math and English.  It offers engaging, activity-based lessons about marine biodiversity that focus on the importance of EDGE corals and coral reefs in general. It is an outdoor activity mixing interactive classroom activities and presentations with real ocean exploration. Over the months, more than one hundred local children have been taught to explore  their beautiful underwater backyards, some of them for the first time. Support from the Zoological Society of London was instrumental in getting the camp off to a running start.

Ocean-Action Resource Center
Ocean-Action Resource Center

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MPA Module for Teachers

MPA for Teachers is a resource for school teachers in coastal areas designed to make environmental science fun and easy to learn, developed by Grace Quiton-Domingo in partnership with School of the SEA.  It offers creative yet practical ways to illustrate basic ecological principles using marine protected areas as a teaching tool and venue for discovery and learning. The module contains easy-to-do activities, collaborative exercises and games that can quickly engage students within and outside the classroom.

Ocean-Action Resource Center

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Information, Education, Communication (IEC) for stakeholders
We commit ourselves to reaching our audience, whether they are children or adults, government officials or fisherfolk. We offer creative consultation for signage, tarpaulins, and infographics, as well as presentations for any group, from children to barangay residents or company employees on various topics such as “MPAs,” and “Introduction to coral reefs.
Ocean-Action Resource Center

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MPA workshop for teachers